Mining Automation at its Best !

Autominers are basically those codes or scripts that automate the process of mining. They are widely used by all the top players of the game to avoid wasting time.  Clicking on different rocks for hours on the go is not fun.

AboutMining on runescape

The software is a joint effort of 3 programmers who were fed up of clicking on rocks for hours. They looked on the internet for hours and couldn’t find a free and working bot.  So they decided to make one themselves. After countless hours of programming the final result is here. The program works really well. Updates are released from regularly to patch any bugs or compatibility issues. Comments and suggestions dropped on this site is constantly sent to the programmers. These suggestions are taken into account while updating the software. Operating system and game play compatibility issues are usually addressed with these updates periodically.

The program basically works on the Simba platform. Simba is one of the leading programming languages to code and design macros for various MMPORG games. You basically download a script and load it up on the engine. The platform interprets the command and translates it into machine language. Based on the commands and the game play the code executes various tasks on the game. The platform is stable and doesn’t make the computer hang after long periods of operation. It is currently compatible with linux and windows.


The program is packed with different features.  The bot is compatible with different kinds of ores and related functions. The following is the set of functions:

  • Compatibility with different kinds of ores.
  • Automated processing of the ores like smelting.
  • Integration with advanced randomization algorithm to mimic human behavior.
  • Banking when you reach a certain level of ore.
  • Stable compilation and works well for hours straight.
  • Simple yet functional user interface.
  • Periodic logging in and out to mimic human behavior.
  • Logging of events so you can read what happened when you were not around.

And lots more.

Is it safe to use one  ?

Yes, the ones on this site are totally safe.  Users have reported using the script for 10 hours straight without any problems. The program is fitted with advanced human behavior mimicking algorithm to ensure that your account is never flagged.  Level 99 mining is now very possible and easy. Let the program do what it needs to while you live your life. But it is still advised not use this program for over 2 hours straight. You could may be mix it up with some other bots or macros.

Download Runescape Autominers Today

The mining bot is not going to cost you a dime to download. It is available for download on the site for totally free. The creators are constantly adding new features and functionalities. Jajex also modifies the game play of runescape on a perpetual basis and hence the bot could face some compatibility issues. Therefore, do check the site regularly for updates.  Feel free to drop us a mail about some bug or any idea you think could improve the software.

Autominers for runescape


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